Dario D'Attis

Dario D'Attis

Someone whose passion for music and feelings are reflected in his productions!
Ever since he was a child and heard his father playing drums (for the Italian Band „Camaleonti“) he has loved music and his father became his idol!

As a teenager Dario was attracted by the Garage & New Jersey House sound (specially the one played by djs Djaimin (Coleur 3) & Tony Humphries (Kiss Fm radio), in fact these radio shows boosted his energy & love for the music.
He bought his first vinyl at the age of 15 and a year later started his dj career in his home town of Schaffhausen playing in clubs & bars like the “Kaktus” where he had a great time!

In 1997 he created  the successful party series „Amaro“ with two friends in several spots in the city and a bit later he started playing all over Switzerland. Dario was recognized as a dj of great charm and also starts playing for the first time at Club Oxa in Zurich.

Around then he also had a radio show called “Dancemachine” that included national & international guests.
To be a producer was always one of his dreams and in 1999 it came true when he made his first production on a small Swiss label. Since 2001 he has built his own recording studio.